The many books I “read” in a month with the Blinkist app.

A few months ago, I had no idea what Blinkist was all about or if it was for me. I first encountered the company within the N26 mobile banking app, where Blinkist is listed as one of the cashback subscription offers along with the likes of popular app-based services Luminary, Headspace, and Tidal. Blinkist’s 10% cashback was the highest on offer, so I clicked for more detail.

I read the description — “Key insights from bestselling books you can enjoy in just 15 minutes” — and decided to explore further. A quick online search later and I learned that the…

My Monthly Avg Total Sleep Time (hrs) — May 2018 thru Aug 2020 (via SleepWatch by Bodymatter)

Apple’s Sleep App may be “all-new” in the recently released watchOS 7, but sleep tracking on the Apple Watch is anything but new. There are dozens of free and premium third-party sleep tracking Watch apps. I, for one, have been monitoring my sleep with SleepWatch by Bodymatter (free to download) ever since I bought my Apple Watch Series 3 over Memorial Day Weekend in 2018–855 nights ago.

Every day more than 20,000 bike rides are made across New York City’s East River bridges. For many, these bridges are the most physically demanding part of the ride to the office or back home.

As more and more New Yorkers start biking to move around the city, I wanted to share why I can’t wait to ride easy on the city’s interborough bridges with CLIP*.

*CLIP, co-founded in 2018 by Somnath Ray and Clement de Alcala, is a Brooklyn-based urban mobility startup that is launching the first all-in-one, swappable, and universal bicycle e-motor. Click here to pre-order 🚲 🔌

Among the many highly anticipated IPOs this year are two companies that together account for approximately one third of monthly online food deliveries in the United States: Uber and Postmates. These companies, along with GrubHub/Seamless, Square’s Caviar, DoorDash, and several others are vying for dominance in the $25 billion (money-losing, but growing) US restaurant delivery business. Food delivery is so hot that venture capitalists have ploughed some $5 billion in it over the past year. This VC money is subsidizing your McDonald’s and Chipotle deliveries (who doesn’t like “free” delivery?), …

James LaVela

Goal: make writing a habit

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